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I am very shy boy.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

About listening

Recently, I have enjoyable hobby. I will explain my hobby and how to do this happily. First, putting ear phone on your ear. Next, connecting the plug in your stereo and you push on the play to hear the song that you want to listen to. The essential thing that you never forget is you should be listen to the song in the end. If the song finished, there is no sound around you. Then, you try to hear the sound. This is enjoyable for me because I can hear the sound of no sound. It is valuable for me to hear such sound because we can know the importance of sound. I find the delightful of sound and no sound at the same time. Adding to say, if the song that you listen has message of something, you can think about it so deeply after you finish listening in the silent. As you know, it is not good way to spend a time but this is enjoyable for me, too. It is difficult to explain all things. Thank you.

Friday, January 13, 2006

About answer

I have many questions in my mind. I try to solve these again and again but there is no answer these things. Why people will die in the future although they are born? Why people make same mistake while they mend their way once? Why man and woman love each other although they know that they hurt each other someday? Why people want to something more while it is enough? Why people do not notice valuable thing until they lose it? Why people forgive their bad behavior so easily although it is difficult for them to forgive other's? Why twenty years old people regards as adult while there is nothing to change physically and mentally when they are nineteen years old? Why people are living now? Why there are many questions in this world that never solve? There is no right answer in this world and I think this is answer in the end.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

About prescription

Recently, I heard the news about the prescription. Prescription is the person who committed a crime and escape from the police for a long time. After that, criminals forgive their sin that they made. I hate this because most of people could forgive criminals but victims could not forgive them. I do not know the reason why they excuse their crime only escaping from police for a long time. Someone said criminals spent a hard time while they run away, for instance, they must live behind public because if they appear in the public, there are high posibilities to be arrested by police. Therefore, they must stand high pressure surrounding them. I can understand this feelings. However, I think it is a pity for victims to excuse criminal's sin because victims lose the important things such as money or life. Victim's pain does not relieve even if the criminal were arrested. Moreover, if the criminal was not arrested, victim regret again and again. The scar that victim has is more deeper than criminal one. Good-bye.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

About importance of stone

A finger-flashing game of paper-scissors-stone includes three things. As you know, it is stone, scissors and paper. In Japan, we tend to start showing stone and then we do this game. It means we say "First is stone, rock- scissors-paper!" I wondered why stone is first. I found the reason of it by accident. I read a book wrote about the mechanism of this game. This book said that person does this game in a hard situation, for example, if a person loses this game, he or she must do the thing that he or she does not want to do, we tend to make a stone at the beginning because of the tension. It is the same thing that we made a clenched fist when big stress comes over us. So, first is stone is very important factor for us because we give a chance to think about more deeply. In my case, I might suppose that first is stone and next is also stone is good for me or first is stone and opponent tend not to be a stone in succession. Thus, there is a lot of variety included in first is stone. So, I think it is important factor and it makes this game more exciting. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

About the people has no their head

Resently, I attended the class that is boring. What is worse, my clock is broken in this class because it moved slowly than usual. Because of this, I thought about what would I do after all class finish and whether it is valid or in-valid. I had a lot of ideas at this time and I enjoyed thinking about it inside my mind. I did not notice the happening around me. Time passed by, I found myself not attending this class. Therefore, I raised my head and I was surprised because there were many people in this class has no their head. At the beginning, I did not know what happened in this class but I understood many people went to sleep. I thought the teacher of this class is good at singing the lulluby, maybe. His lulluby is stronger than our desire to paticipate in this class. However, his lulluby does not work on me because I do not hear it in the first place.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

About the value of money

Money is important for our daily life because if we have a lot of money, we can buy cars, horses even houses. We can buy many products that are valuable or rare if we have it. It works our life better. On the contrary, bad accident happened many times because of the money, for instance, the bank robbery or the housebreaker. We can get money so easily to break into someone's house and find money following our desire although we know the fact that we are suppose to arrest by the police. On the other hand, there is the man who helps the person that suffer from disaster using his money. The value of money does not change in any situtation if it spends. Money is money and it does not have value itself, for example, the value of one thousand yen is never change if we get it through our work or parents give children or pick it on the road by accident. Therefore, we should think about how to spend the money that we get. Recently, there was the man who fell one yen and he did not pick it up. I got it and I put it on the box that gathers money to help children. The value of one yen does not change but it better than leave it alone. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

About chair

There are two computer rooms in Kansai-Gaidai and I visit another room that I do not use as usual now. Many foreigners are in there and many varieties of languages used in here. I found it is the great time to spend because it improves my listening skills. Anyway, I noticed the chair is different from the computer room that I always use. I think this room has better chair than the other. If we sitting the chair and lean on the back, it moves. It is the common thing between two rooms but the difference between both of two, the chair's bottom also move at the same time. It means we can feel more confortable this chair that I am sitting now than the chair that I sit as usual. It is difficult to explain exactly, so I recommend you to experience this as well as me if you want. Thank you.